Success Center: Our Story

Make learning and teaching more effective and affordable with active participation and student collaboration.


We help students easily achieve their academic and professional goals.

We provide teaching, coaching, mentorship and other packages to help out students realize their dreams. We assist our brilliant but needy senior high school graduates with scholarship opportunities to the tertiary level. 

Success Center – We Bring Dreams To Live

Success Center – We help awaken the great the great giant within you.


Purpose: To awaken the “great giant within” individuals, empowering them to achieve their full potential and contribute positively to their communities, nations, and the world.

Vision: To be a globally recognized center of excellence, renowned for transforming individuals into their best selves and fostering sustainable development across communities, nations, and the world.

Goal: To inspire and empower individuals to realize their full potential and live fulfilling, purpose-driven lives.

Mission: To provide high-quality, transformative educational experiences that refine gifts, develop talents, and impart essential skills, enabling individuals to make meaningful contributions to society.

Aim: To become a beacon of hope and transformation, empowering individuals to unleash their inner greatness and become agents of positive change in the world.

Objective: To nurture and empower individuals to achieve their personal, professional, and societal aspirations, contributing to the betterment of their communities, nations, and the global landscape.



Excellence: striving for the highest standards in education, training, and personal development.

Commitment: Dedicating ourselves to achieving our goals and upholding our values with perseverance and dedication.

Increase: continuously striving to improve, expand our impact, and achieve greater results.

Empowerment: believing in the inherent potential and capacity for growth within every individual.


Transformation: catalyzing positive and lasting change in individuals and communities.


Community: Fostering a spirit of collaboration, mutual support, and collective growth.


Sustainability: ensuring that our impact extends beyond individuals to contribute to long-term development and well-being.

Things that make us proud

As a Center, We …

Are Impact-oriented

Our focus is to make a positive change in the lives of individuals. We believe what individuals become determine the future of their societies and nations.

Awaken the Great Giant Within You

We believe there is something you are good at. We help you identify, develop and use that to make positive impact.

Are Easily Accessible

Our services are very accessible from anywhere in the world.

Make Your Dream Come To Live

Through our teaching, mentorship, etc., services, we aid in the materialization of your dreams.

Our Team

Mr Israel Hahayi

Chief Executive Officer